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Zeus God of Thunder will have players howling for more! With up to 100 Free
Games awarding loads of credits, and 5 level Jackpots.
The player is given the option to make 1 of 2 additional wagers to enable the 3 wheels that are seen above the array. Making the “EXTRA BET INACTIVE” enables the wheels and their default functionality. Making the “EXTRA BET ACTIVE” extra bet enables the wheels with enhanced default functionality.

Wheel Feature

The number of consecutive backgrounds (3 across, 4 across, or 5 across)
determines which of the 3 wheels are triggered. Each of the wheels
contains slices that award a Free Spin Bonus, award a Jackpots, award
an, or award a spin of the next wheel in line.

Wild Spin Bonus

Triggered from one of the Wheels, the Wild Spin Bonus awards the player with 1 spin where a number of wilds are added on to the array.
The number of wilds that are added are dependent on which Wheel triggered the bonus. BACKGROUND is not available during the Wild Spin

Jackpot Feature

Triggered from one of the Wheels , Only the MINI and MINOR jackpots appear on the 3 in a Row Wheel. Only the MINOR and MAJOR jackpots appear on the 4 in a Row Wheel. Only the MAJOR, MEGA and GRAND jackpots appear on the 5 in a Row Wheel.